Building Efficient Supply Streams.
Our mission is our name.

When company founder Anita Nadelson learned that health care providers didn’t have the safety equipment they needed during the Covid-19 outbreak, she and her team sprang into action leveraging a network of international manufacturers established over the past 25 years of building her company, Three by Three Seattle. After sourcing quality PPE for hospitals and government agencies, she created BESS International in order to provide that same PPE to independent businesses in Washington State and throughout the US.

Based in Seattle, Washington, we believe that safety should be attainable for all, and we want everyone to feel confident that when they order from BESS International they'll always receive the same high quality PPE that world-class hospitals use. And because safety shouldn't be out of reach for anyone, we keep our prices as low as we can.



Please message us below or send us an email at info@bessintl.com.